General Information

The Master of Social Sciences (Contemporary China Studies), or MCCS is a one-year full-time or two-year part-time multidisciplinary postgraduate degree programme under Faculty of Social Science in HKBU since 2003.

Courses are offered under 4 concentrations:

  • Economic Development and Reform
    The Economic Development and Reform Concentration aims to meet a growing need for a programme-oriented towards the Chinese economy in the belief that a sound training in economic theories and in Chinese economy gives a particular useful perspective in understanding contemporary China.

    It also aims to develop students' critical and analytical faculty, and in-depth understanding of contemporary China. The design of the curriculum of the Economics Concentration is based on this philosophy.
  • History and Culture
    The History and Culture Concentration aims to train students to gain a holistic and balanced view of China, thus preparing them for a variety of occupations which demand a full appreciation of the present complexities in light of past developments. Given going back to the roots, the nowadays’ Chinese rapid economic growth, complex social structure and layered urban and rural development could be fully understood.
  • Society and Community
    The Society and Community Concentration aims students to develop sound knowledge of sociological theory and sociological research methods. They will also be required to be familiar with the main features of social development and social organization in mainland China and Hong Kong. Training in sociology is highly relevant in the rapidly changing contexts of the contemporary world.
  • Urban Development and Environmental Management
    The Urban Development and Environmental Management Concentration introduces students to the rapidly expanding horizons of the geography discipline and the study of China from a geographical perspective. The curriculum enables students to analyze in-depth the complexities of the geography of contemporary China.


  1. To provide students with a critical understanding of contemporary China from political, historical, economic, geographical and sociological perspectives;
  2. To sharpen students' awareness of the complex relationships of historical, economic, geographical, political and sociological factors in China through a multi-disciplinary approach; and
  3. To enhance students' sensitivity to various transformations which will shape the future relation between Hong Kong, the rest of China, and the World.

Future Prospects

MCCS is designed to meet the professional and practical needs of employees of government, non-profit organizations and private companies, as well as the educational needs of new university graduates including local and international students.