Date: 16th March, 2017
ECON7510 Field Trip 16 March 2017

Dr. Chan Hing Lin, course instructor of ECON7510 China's Economic Development and Reform, led MCCS students to Shenzhen to visit two well-known companies to understand their operation and structural development within the nearby zones, the whole country, and even around the world.



Han's Laser Technology Industry Group Co., Limited
The first company they visited was Han's Laser Technology Industry Group Co., Limited. Han's Laser mainly manfactures products of lasper series with different techonologies (including encraving, marking, etching, welding, and cutting and so on.). A staff from Han's Laser, acted as a tour guide, introduced the different types of machines varies from small scale to extreme large scale in their different working rooms. Students experienced some cutting machine and felt amazing that the hyper-speed of the manufacturing procedures. 



BYD Company Limited

After meal, students visited another famous brand BYD Company Limited. BYD Company was found in 1995 and engaged in battery business at the very beginning. They started to enter automobile industry in 2003. The recent development trend of BYD Company is quite a large proportion of automaker with cutting edge technology in batteries, electronic control, charging infrastructure, etc. Besides, the company also demostrated students the coming revolutional transport BYD "Skyrail" aimed at easing traffic congestion within communities. Students learned the vertical and horizontal expansion of BYD Company in the past few years.   The meaningful trip ended with the motto of BYD "Build Your Dream".