Date: 16th November, 2018
2018 Graduation Tea Gathering

2018 Graduation Tea Gathering was held on 16 November 2018.  There were 25 graduates in 2018. It is our houour to welcome Dr. Daniel Kwok, Concentration Coordinator from History Department, to deliver the welcome speech to all teachers, graduates and their relatives. This year, we have 7 graduates got academic prize. The award list is as below. 


Distinction Award 2018

HO Tsz Wing (History and Culture)

LUK Man Fung (History and Culture)

LIU Mengyao (History and Culture)


Class Excellence Award 2018

CHAU Shan Yuen (Economic Development and Reform)

ZHANG Xinxin (History and Culture)

YANG LU (Society and Community)

SURINA (Urban Development and Environmental Management)



Thanks to Dr. H.L. CHAN (ECON), Dr. Aries WONG (ECON), Dr. Yinni PENG (SOC) and Dr. Daniel KWOK (HIST) participated Tea Gathering 2018 and share the joy with graduates and their relatives. We wish the 2017 Graduates all the best for their future endeavors.