ECON7540 2018
Field Study
Shenzhen Field Trip
20 November 2018
Economic Development and Reform Concentration students visited Qianhai in Shenzhen. Throughout on-site investigation, students had a better understanding of development in Shenzhen.
GEOG7530 2016 2
Field Study
Mai Po Field Trip
November 2016
Followed the changeover of seasons, the number of migratory birds attained the peak during winter in Hong Kong. Students luckily observed those rare migratory birds in Mai Po Nature Reserve, one of the restricted areas in Hong Kong.
HIST7510 2019
Field Study
Dr Sun Yat-sen Historical Trail
April 2019
Walking along Dr. Sun Yat-sen Historical Trail, students felt the interrelationship between Mainland China and Hong Kong of the revolution history during Late Qing Dynasty with instructors guided.
Extra-curriculum Activities and Living in HK
BBQ Gathering
February 2014
Enjoying Country Park’s scenery, four concentrations students jointly had BBQ gathering with Programme Director, Coordinators, course instructors and alumni in Clear Water Bay Country Park.